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On Service: Building a successful business today requires more than just saying that you want a successful business, it requires that we commit to taking care of your clients.  Sounds reasonable, but do we really do that?

Would you agree that the main purpose of a business is to get and keep customers?  So why do we work so hard, invest a lot of time and money to get customers only to leave them for the next deal or for our competitors to scoop up?  This can be costly…correct? 

Technology is a two-edged sword: Today, more than ever before, it is critically important that we build and maintain solid relationships with people and how we do that will be through delivering the highest value, service and professionalism (VSP).  That’s what we expect that when we buy, so why don’t we deliver the same to our customers?  We live in a world where technology will either make you or break you.  Would you agree that most people including yourself are bombarded at the speed of light with messages from all different forms of technology; phones, computers, tablets, and TV?  Now, I don’t want to seem naïve here… you can reach millions of people using technology and I use it to its fullest extent…at least beginning too!  But…

You have to be different: We all want to be noticed…right?  I believe that most people use technology as a crutch to communicate with people versus actually picking up the phone and speaking. So, the question is why? I believe the answer is simple… most folks have gotten so used to technology that they actually forgot “how to” speak to people.   Frankly, we just don’t know how to communicate like we used to in the old days.  The other reason is that technology is non-confrontational…most people just don’t want to ask questions or ask for referrals because they may not like the answers.  There may even be times when we have to confront our clients about how we are servicing them and tell them the truth about what we are doing for them.

I’ll use real estate as a prime example.  I’ve been in this business for over 35 years and if you’re a great agent… you are a listing agent.  Now most agents when they take a listing, don’t like calling their clients to update them on the progress so they would rather send an email or a text to avoid the inevitable.  When in reality…customers may say its ok to email or text them, would rather a voice on the other end of a phone speaking to them.  Even working with buyers… a lot of agents spend enormous amounts of money buying leads and they never, ever call them… they text or email them.  Why on earth would you not call?  Go back to the above… It’s is non-confrontational!  Do you want more money?  Do you want to stand out from the rest?

So, what’s the solution? Pick up the phone! Mmmmm…now that’s different!  Folks, 90% of what we’re worrying about anyway doesn’t ever come to fruition…so don’t overthink it. Next, keep in mind that your competitors who don’t read this message make the decision to never pick up the phone to call people… this gives you a huge advantage. Why?  Because there’s limited competition you have a great opportunity to get business. Think about this… of all the people on your social media platforms how many do you actually call and how many actually call you for business? I would venture to say very few if any!  The last thing I would say is to learn some best practices on communication.  Join, get a book or watch videos…the training skills are there…you just have to buy into this powerful process.  Call me at 800-706-5232 for some additional suggestions.

Today’s action:  Here’s a brand-new technique…never before seen by billions of people…EVER!  Reach out and touch someone!  Now print this out – ready? “Hi, ____ this is ____ how are you?” Other fancy techniques include: “How can I help you with??” (building your business, with your sales, with whatever you do) “Who do you know that needs great service?”  This may look complicated and seems condescending but that’s not my intent here…I just want nothing but the best for you!! Why?  Because you work hard, its a competitive world and deserve it! One final thought is after the great calls you have with people…send them a Thank You Note!  Simple and unbranded.  It works wonders towards filling your bottom line!

Go out today and be of great service to as many people as you can!  Thanks for the time.  Mike

For more details on using “Social Media Process” and the best practices on using “Thank You Note”… send me a quick email or text or wait… better yet… call me and I’ll shoot out more details.  Direct: 800-706-5232


For over 32 years I have been in the personal and professional development business arena. Myself along with my brother David promoted some of America’s largest seminars putting over 250,000 butts in seats for some of the greatest thought leaders in the world like; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Pat Riley, Lou Holtz, Art Williams, Harvey McKay, Chicken Soup for the Soul Author, Mark Victor Hanson, Captain Gerald Coffee, Paul Zane Pilzer, Dr. Dennis Waitley, and many, many others…

I have delivered over 7,200 presentations – training over 56,000 sales people and managers, I have made over 12,500 coaching calls, In addition, I co-charged our B2B marketing teams setting over 72,000 appointments. On the Real Estate and Mortgage side of my business … I was a recruiter and trainer for one of South Florida’s largest real estate and mortgage companies, where we were closing over 200 transactions per month and a Branch Owner and Trainer for one of the nations top Net Branch Mortgage Company’s training over 1400 Branch Owners and mortgage loan officers and personally along with my team, closing over 1100 mortgage loans!

I have many proud and blessed moments in my life and career, however, two that were really exciting stick out for me…one was as National Sales Manager for Tony Robbins taking a sales division of one of his companies from $3.9 million to over $8.75 million in sales in less than 13 months! The other was having the great comedian Jay Leno in my comedy club back in 1981!

Along with my sales and marketing workshops, I also am a Real Estate Coach with Mike Ferry, I personally conduct keynote speeches both publicly and privately as well as private business coaching on sales and marketing for small, mid-size and large companies worldwide.

“This is a fantastic way of life!”