A recent Rave Review

Always talking about me!!!

My name is Chris Gangone and I had the privilege of being coached by Mike Husson for several years.  Mike is a master of everything that goes into being a coach at the highest level possible.  His real estate industry knowledge is second to none when it comes to the market and everything that effects it.  Mike new exactly what to tell me in anything I faced with building my real estate business in the years I worked with him. He is a master of systems and processes and his knowledge of how to run a business is over the top. Most importantly is that Mike is a master of coaching someone to the highest level possible when it comes to mindset and changing behaviors to develop successful habits that lead to a high level of success.

He combines not only the business element of skills and processes but the mental part of the game to stretch you to the highest level possible.  When working with Mike I also could feel that he really cares on a personal level for the people he coaches.  I never felt like I was just a number when working with Mike over the years. He went above and beyond just being a coach by taking an interest in what was happening in my life outside of our business relationship.  I was truly blessed to work with Mike for the years we worked together and can say that I am forever grateful for the time we spent with each other.

Chris Gangone – Keller Williams – 615-243-7931

For over 32 years I have been in the personal and professional development business arena. Myself along with my brother David promoted some of America’s largest seminars putting over 250,000 butts in seats for some of the greatest thought leaders in the world like; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Pat Riley, Lou Holtz, Art Williams, Harvey McKay, Chicken Soup for the Soul Author, Mark Victor Hanson, Captain Gerald Coffee, Paul Zane Pilzer, Dr. Dennis Waitley, and many, many others…

I have delivered over 7,200 presentations – training over 56,000 sales people and managers, I have made over 12,500 coaching calls, In addition, I co-charged our B2B marketing teams setting over 72,000 appointments. On the Real Estate and Mortgage side of my business … I was a recruiter and trainer for one of South Florida’s largest real estate and mortgage companies, where we were closing over 200 transactions per month and a Branch Owner and Trainer for one of the nations top Net Branch Mortgage Company’s training over 1400 Branch Owners and mortgage loan officers and personally along with my team, closing over 1100 mortgage loans!

I have many proud and blessed moments in my life and career, however, two that were really exciting stick out for me…one was as National Sales Manager for Tony Robbins taking a sales division of one of his companies from $3.9 million to over $8.75 million in sales in less than 13 months! The other was having the great comedian Jay Leno in my comedy club back in 1981!

Along with my sales and marketing workshops, I also am a Real Estate Coach with Mike Ferry, I personally conduct keynote speeches both publicly and privately as well as private business coaching on sales and marketing for small, mid-size and large companies worldwide.

“This is a fantastic way of life!”